Guide Services

Hiring a Guide for a tour to jaisalmer is a great service to experience the contrasting jaisalmer in an essentially new way. The Guides are professionally well versed individuals with a tourist destination. Proficient in foreign languages, they are courteous, polite and knowledgeable professionals assisting a traveler in exploring the city. Guides are a mediator between tourists and destination. With their expertise, they focus on taking tourists to the exclusive sights, which are beyond the normal reach. They narrate the stories, legends, anecdotes and other exciting trivia of the site to the tourists. In short, they lend a life to the heritage structure or a monument. It never feels like a Stranger city in company of a Guide. Further to this, Personal Guides assist tourists in every different way to make the tour liberating, exciting and memorable.
• We have tour guides available in a variety of languages.
• In the Jaisalmer, tour guides accompany groups into different tourist sites, provide historical and current information, and customize sightseeing tours for each group or individuals.

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“Our Focus is to give you an authentic experience of jaisalmer the way local experience.”

Heritage walk with Virendra

Heritage walks, are best way to learn and recognize our culture, tradition, philosophy, myths and associated rituals with them. The walk makes one look back and reminds us of our rich culture and history, provoking us to thing about the existence of every historical structure and place. It also helps in bringing focus of authorities towards the degrading conditions of heritage place, promoting their care and restoration.
While going through the vast collection of these valuable works, I found the need to tell the city’s forgotten stories, and weave them around the lesser-known monuments and structures lying scattered around the city.
Each of these broken and dilapidated monuments speak of untold stories, and without that context, they can hardly make a connection, however beautifully their architectural style and building plan is explained.
I, therefore, to combine actual on-site inspection of these sites, with interesting and insightful anecdotes of the historical personalities involved, and prepare stories that will attempt to offer a fresh angle to look at the city’s history. I have taken references from a wide variety of literature available – both online, and paper-format books.
It is not an attempt to be a guide or to simplify the city’s heritage: it is for people who want to lose themselves again and again in the vast history of jaisalmer.


I Virendra Singh, born and raised up in jaisalmer .Jaisalmer is my home and I love it because jaisalmer is in me.
I have been working as local tour guide since 2002, I am very proud to show you the best of my city with interesting facts about local traditions, culture history and architecture.
I was lucky and realized that my nature was to go outdoors and work like a free bird, not the type to be surrounded by walls. I am really fond of reading, traveling, hiking and meditation as well as learning about all cultures, tradition and history.
I enjoy walking, as you get to see more of your surroundings, from hidden isolated communities to the most highlight attractions.

Transportation Services

Pick Up & Drop Facility

We offer the pick and drop facility from airports and railway stations. This is a special facility, which primarily aims to make it convenient for our guests to reach their destinations in a hassle free manner. There are a number of instances, when unscrupulous taxi operators and touts, hassle the visitors and make a hell of it. Our Pick up and drop facility is one of ours luxury service for our customers. Against this backdrop, we make sure that a car is at the airport well on time and the driver/travel guide with a placard receives you at the arrival lounge/station exit.

Laundry Service

Our professional laundry and dry cleaning services are available at a reasonable rate for all guests of the hotel. All laundry services are on-site and handled with the utmost care and convenience. Guests may order laundry from their rooms with the provided in-room laundry bag and billing list or call the Front Desk for assistance. Laundry services are available daily with express service also available.

Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet

All guests of the Gulaal may enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi internet access throughout the entire hotel.
In the lobby, restaurant, guest rooms, beside the swimming pool, or anywhere else in between, guests may connect to one of our numerous access points on their devices to keep connected with the world.
Those without personal devices may also use the internet stations located in the lobby free of charge as a courtesy service to our guests.
Kindly contact the Front Desk for a login I.D. and instructions on how to connect.